Korean Red Ginseng & Black Garlic / 홍삼 흑마늘 액

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 Korean Red Ginseng & Black Garlic Tonic Brand : SamSiDaeWeight: 70ml X 30 pouches ✔ Korean Red Ginseng...
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 Korean Red Ginseng & Black Garlic Tonic

Brand : SamSiDae
Weight: 70ml X 30 pouches

✔ Korean Red Ginseng Benefits: Korean Red Ginseng known to be best ginseng of all. It support immune system, mental performance, energy and many more.

✔ Black Garlic Benefits: Antioxidants Property, Enhances Heart Health, Stabilizes Blood Sugar, Enhances Immunity, Improve memory function


Suggested Use: Take 1~3 pouches daily.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Korean Red Ginseng Mixed Extract (Red Ginseng, Honey, Isomaltooligosaccharide) Jujube Concentrate, Black Garlic, Red Ginseng Extract, Vitamin C

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GXG Energy Drink

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Immune System Instantly

Black Ginseng is a natural gift for a human body that use as a medical herb for immune system recovery and its system-related diseases, for thousands of years in human history the very well-known quality is "Black Ginseng" it Boost Immune system, refresh and increase sexual performance and gives the energy to fight with multiple diseases.

Brain Memory Performance

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