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GXG Energy Drink (Black Ginseng & Ginger) 110ml X 12 Bottles

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Korean GXG Energy DrinkBlack Ginseng & Ginger 110ml X 12 BottlesBrand: TerraPick  ✔Black Ginseng Benefits: Immune system stamina & energy mental performance...
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GXG Energy Drink (Black Ginseng & Ginger) 110ml X 12 Bottles

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Korean GXG Energy Drink
Black Ginseng & Ginger

110ml X 12 Bottles
Brand: TerraPick 

Korean Ginseng Energy Drink

Black Ginseng Benefits: Immune system stamina & energy mental performance antioxidant properties.

Ginger Benefits: Anti-inflammatory antioxidant properties digestion immune system.

Caffeine Free, Vegan, Dairy Free

✔WHY BLACK GINSENG : Higher Absorption Rate Compare to white or red ginseng, Black ginseng has higher absorption rate; Body will absorb majority of ginsenoside contents

Net Weight : 110ml X 12 bottles
Ingredients & Contents : Korean Black Ginseng Extract, Ginger Extract, Purified Water, Fructose, Cinnamon Extract, Citric Acid, Xylitol, Natural Ginseng Flavor, Turmeric Extract
Suggested Use : Take 1 a day. Do not exceed 3 bottles per day.
Made in Korea

Does Ginseng give you energy?

It is a very prominent quality of Ginseng that it gives energy and it is proved in many human body kinds of research, those who want to maintain their physical fitness and energy Ginseng is the best for them.

GXG Energy Drink prepared from natural ingredients “Black Ginseng” and “Ginger”.

Black Ginseng

Black ginseng is a very famous kind of ginseng that is used medically for many reasons. It uses to restore sexual energy in the treatment of sexual dysfunction black ginseng using is very common. It is used in medicine to recover and gives energy to the immune system so that can help it to fight many diseases. Black ginseng also good for brain memory, it also uses to treat brain disorder diseases. Antioxidant activities in black ginseng are much better than white ginseng that reduce inflammation in a body it very effective to decrease high blood glucose level.


It is used in cooking very ordinary but Ginger also use in medicines. it is very commonly used for nausea fever and cold also protect from stomach ulcer because of harmful diets and other reasons it stops the activity of ulcer development by decreasing inflammatory proteins, According to recent research, Stomach is playing a role of the second brain in the human body that indicate head brain everything fine or not. it controls digestion and works with our immune system to protect our body from hostile bacteria that may cause multiple diseases. It helps the body to fight fungal diseases is very helpful to our stomach working because it is very commonly used for digestion.

GXG Energy Drink is the best for those who get trouble in the immune system because of eating fast foods, MSG foods, Alcoholic beverages, Sugary snacks, Caffeine, and others. It makes relax your immune system.


  1. Energized Stamina Level of Body
  2. Accelerate Immune System Instantly
  3. Boost Brain Memory Performance
  4. Powered Antioxidant

1. Energised Stamina Level of Body

GXG Energy Drink Enhance Energy level and reduce stress from the mind and body. It is very common in everyday life, stress can take a toll on the mind and body. GXG is the best for relaxing body and mind stress its refreshes your mode rapidly recovers your energy level that may provide quick relief from fatigue.
Studies have shown that ginseng can effectively remove and defeat stress by affecting various physiologic pathways in the body and quick works for your body and gives require energy and increase the stamina of your body.

2. Accelerate Immune System Instantly

Black Ginseng is a natural gift for the human body that use as a medical herb for immune system recovery and its system-related diseases, for thousands of years in human history the very well-known quality is "Black Ginseng" it Boost Immune system, refresh and increase sexual performance and gives the energy to fight with multiple diseases.

3. Boost Brain Memory Performance

Black Ginseng is very commonly used for boosting brain memory for a very long time its become more popular in recent decades after researches. it changes your mood and release stress. GXG energy drink makes a cool mind and quick relief from fatigue to enhance your brain performance.

4. Powered Antioxidant

Black Ginseng is powerful antioxidant and Ginger anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in a body the qualities of Black Ginseng and Ginger include in the GXG energy drink it's a complete beneficial energy drink for the human body that insured your body health, cool mind, and smooth immune system.

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