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Korean Black Ginseng Tonic / 흑삼수 30포

Korean Black Ginseng Tonic 70ml X 30 pouchesBrand: GeumHeuk About the Product:✔ 100% Korean Black Ginseng : Select high quality Korean Black ginseng and extracting its...
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Korean Black Ginseng Tonic / 흑삼수 30포

Product details

Korean Black Ginseng Tonic

70ml X 30 pouches
Brand: GeumHeuk

About the Product:
✔ 100% Korean Black Ginseng : Select high quality Korean Black ginseng and extracting its tonic for 48 hours or more at low temperature. to produce highest quality Black ginseng Tonic.

✔ Black Ginseng : Made of ‘goojeunggoopo’ which steams and dries ginseng nine times. While being steamed and dried repeatedly, The red color of the ginseng Has gradually become black, to form the black ginseng. During the process of steaming and drying, ginsenosides contents (active ingredients) increases as ginseng turn to black.

✔ Higher Absorption Rate : Compare to white or red ginseng, Black Ginseng has higher absorption rate. Body will absorb majority of ginsenoside contents.

✔ Use Highest Quality Ginseng: It has been proven by gov't affiliated PH,D that GEUMSAN grown ginseng value highest and has MOST ginseng SAPONIN (Ginsenoside contents). Due to GeumSan's optimal climate and land, ginseng grown in GeumSan known to be the BEST!

Net Weight : 71 oz / 2100mL (240g)
Ingredients & Contents : Purified water, Korean Black 4~6 years grown (Ginsenosides 2.1mg/g, 147mg per pouches)
Suggested Use : Take 1 pouch 1~3 times a day. (Recommended to take before the meal)

Made in Korea

Efficacies of Korean Black Ginseng:
**Immune boosting
**Improvement in blood circulation
**Fatigue recovery
**Blood sugar control
**Enhancement in physical strength
**Antiaging effects
**Anti-inflammatory effects

Storage: Store in a cool place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Cautions: Do not take if you are allergic to ginseng. Pregnant, nursing, on medication or have a medical condition, please consult with your doctor prior using this product.

**This product is not intended to diagnoses, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

Korean black ginseng is considerably used as a tonic for maintaining good stamina and overall body performance. It is a very old trick of Koreans that was used for thousands of years, that Korean medicinal herbs especially suggest it for multiple illnesses, weakness, or aged persons. Korean black ginseng tonic has long been declared to have excellent potency, anti-senility, and foraged peoples for improvement in memory and brain functions.

Preparations Process:

There are many more food said to be good for our health, but the researcher still believed that Korean black ginseng is cultivated and grown in Korea Geumheuk is the best.

GeumHeuk reconceptualizes the traditional Korean black ginseng taste and flavor with a modern twist while drinking the healthy energy of Korean Ginseng deliciously.

Geumsan City, Chongcheonam Province, South Korea (which is known as the homeland of most superior Black ginseng) produces black ginseng, that comes after 9 steps of purification and drying at low temperatures during the process of steaming and drying, ginsenosides contents (active ingredients) increases as ginseng turn to dark ginseng (black ginseng). It will be bringing out into black ginseng stick water - the most preferable modification from black ginseng.

Black GINSENG STICK (SAPONIN ≥ 10mg/100ml) ginseng extract (solids > 1%) 63%, concentrated dark ginseng water (pink ginseng ingredients over 80mg/g, solids over 60% ) 10%, extract of ginseng mixture (100% ginseng extract jujube extract, vitamin C, cornus fruit, citric acid ) 10%, Indigestible maltodextrin, mixing ratio: 100% ginseng (70% ginseng, 30% root ginseng).

Why We Choose Black Ginseng

Black Ginseng is a salubrious tonic that balances the body's processes towards dynamic equilibrium as a physical stress resistance that may be taken in very large doses with negligible toxicity, with upwards of six grams taken daily, that protects the body from toxins and the emotions and mind from the negative effect of fatigue and stress.

Black Ginseng has been studied and analyzed to have over 100 nutritional biochemical constituents that have a wide range of benefits on many systems in the body: the nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune while modifying metabolism to stress levels for longevity because of its high absorption rate as compared to white and red ginseng that's why the body will absorb much more ginsenoside contents.

It escalates the energy of the body on multiple levels so that body will become more Capable to take on the challenges of daily living with goals, drive, and passion.

Black Ginseng can help to energize mental and physical activity in people who feel weak and tired. There are many pieces of researches, that black ginseng showed good results in helping of treatment of cancer patients.

However, it can decrease blood pressure effect in persons with the highest blood pressure, an increase in blood flow has been noted with black ginseng supplementation, and a decrease in fasting blood glucose has been noted over time with standard supplemental doses of black ginseng in diabetics.

Benefits at glance:

  • Increases capability of cells.
  • Provides prevention from cancer.
  • Reduces risk for heart attack.
  • Regulates blood flow and maintain the glucose level in the human body.
  • Enhances the memory and helps in getting calm.
  • Best for Immune System.
  • Good for women in maintaining skin beauty.

-회사 소개-

1,500년 역사와 전통을 간직한 세계 인삼의 메카 금산, 청정한 자연환경에서 안전하게 재배한 GAP 인삼에 남다른 고귀함을 담은 금산흑삼은 새로운 인삼의 역사를 창조하고 있습니다.금산흑삼(주)는 농산물안전관리체계를 구축하여 안전한 농산물을 공급하기 위한 『농산물우수관리(GAP)』 인증을 받은 인삼을 사용해 우수한 품질의 흑삼(원형삼), 흑삼제품을 제조하고 지역농가의 수익향상을 위한 GAP 농가지원사업을 추진하고 있는 농업회사법인입니다.

왜 금흑을 선택해야 할까요?

전통과 신뢰를 바탕으로 금산흑삼의 가치를 과학적이고 체계적인 기술과 시스템을 통해 탄생한 흑삼 브랜드.
금산흑삼주식회사는 중금속검사, 잔류농약검사 등 안심하고 먹을 수 있는 '금산GAP인증 인삼'을 원료로 하여 소비자들의 안전성을 확보하고 흑삼의 대중화를 위해 앞장서고 있습니다.

금흑 흑삼

수삼을 한 두번 찌고 말린것을 홍삼이라고 하고, 금흑은 수삼을 9번 찌고 9번 햇볕에 말리는 구증구포 전통 방식으로 흑삼을 제조하고 있으며, 여러 번 찌고 말리는 과정 눙에 유효 사포닌 함량이 증가하게 됩니다.

-제품 소개-

정성과 기다림이 만들어낸 '금흑수 흑삼액'
대한민국 특사품인 고려인삼으로 아홉번 찌고 아홉번 햇볕에 말리는 구증구포의 정성을 담은 흑삼을 선별하여 48시간 저온 추출하였습니다.

오직 흑삼 추출액 100%
4~6년근 수삼만을 엄선하여 제조한 흑삼만을 48시간 이상 저온 추출하여 흑삼의 유효 성분을 최대한 살려낸 제품입니다.

금흑수 흑삼액 무엇이 특별할까요?
1. 흑삼 추출액 100%: 흑삼 본연의 맛과 향
2. 구증구포 흑삼: 9번 찌고 말린 귀한 흑삼
3. 흡수율의 차이: 체내 흡수율 UP
4. 자체생산-자체기술: 특허받은 흑삼 제조기술

선조들의 지혜가 담긴 제조법
'구증구포' 방식으로 전통과 신뢰를 지켜가며 고집스럽게 만든 금흑수

7:3 황금비율
몸통부터 뿌리까지 통째로: 흑삼근 70%, 흑미삼 30%

1500년의 재배역사를 자랑하는 인삼의 고장 금산에서 자랍니다.
금산의 청정한 자연환경에서 까다롭고 안전하게 재배한 농산물우수관리(GAP) 인증 인삼으로 제조했습니다.

섭취 방법: 하루 1포, 혹은 2포. 1포 섭취시에는 아침에, 2포 섭취시에는 아침, 저녁에 섭취해주세요.

이런 분들께 추천합니다.

  • 꾸준한 건강관리를 원하시는분
  • 바쁜 생활에 지쳐 활력이 필요하신 분
  • 감사의 마음을 전할 의미있는 선물을 찾으시는 분
  • 첨가물 없이 진한 흑삼 100%의 맛을 원하는 분
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