Buckwheat Soba / 메밀소바

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-ABOUT THE COMPANY- Bongpyeon Farm Co., Ltd. was established in Bongpyeon, Gangwon-do in October 1993 and succeeded in...
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Bongpyeon Farm Co., Ltd. was established in Bongpyeon, Gangwon-do in October 1993 and succeeded in processing and commercializing buckwheat.  Bongpyeon, Gangwon-do is also know as origin of buckwheat.


- Soba (buckwheat noodles) is noodles made with buckwheat flour as the main ingredient. In the hot summer, you could enjoy it with radish, green onion and wasabi along with cold soba, pan soba, and bibim soba. During the cold winter months, you can enjoy it with tempura, oden, and fried egg as a hot soba.

- Bongpyeong-chon Buckwheat Soba is made with plenty of Korean buckwheat without chemical additives or preservatives.

-How to cook-

1. Dilute a bag of soba sauce in about 100cc of cold purified/filtered water and put it in the refrigerator to prepare it cold.

2. Put 1 serving (120g) of soba noodles in 800cc (4 cups) of boiling water and boil for about 3 to 4 minutes.

3. Rinse the boiled soba noodles in cold water once or twice and remove them on a colander.

4. Put soba noodles in the prepared soba sauce or dip them. (Depending on your taste, add finely chopped green onion, radish juice, wasabi, ice, etc. to the soba sauce to make it even more delicious.)

Ingredients: Buckwheat Flour, Wheat Flour, Refined Salt, Corn Starch + Soba Sauce
*Soba Sauce (30g x 4ea) :
Mixed soy sauce[defat soybean, fructose corn syrup, sun-dried salt, wheat, enzyme modified stevia], purified water, white sugar, rice wine [rice, ethyl alcohol, fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, lactic acid], malt syrup, fructose corn syrup, refined salt, kelp extract, dried bonito, U-dong pinkeuseusseuyu-Wl (udon powder(tuna powder, L-monosodium glutamate), tuna extract), HAP (Dried croaker, dried beltfish), brewed soy sauce (Purified water, defatted soybean, fructose, sea salt, wheat, Modified Stevia Glucosyl Stevia, L-monosodium glutamate, ethyl poxybenzoate), dextrin, caramel food coloring, vitamin B1, Lauryl sulfate

Net Weight: 600g


(주)봉편농원은 1993년 10월 설립되어 메밀의 본고장 강원도 봉편에서 전통식품 메밀을 가공하여 상품화하는데 성공하였습니다.


- 소바(메밀면)는 메밀가루를 주재료로하여 만든 면으로 무더운 여름철에는 무, 파, 고추냉이와 함께 냉소바, 판소바, 비빔소바. 추운 겨울철에는 튀김, 오뎅, 계란후라이 등을 곁들여 온소바로 사계절 즐기실 수 있습니다.

- 화확적 첨가물, 보존제 없이 국내산 메밀을 듬뿍 넣어 만든 봉평촌 메밀소바는 네모난 메밀면에 감칠맛이 일품인 소바소스가 들어 있습니다.


1. 냉수 약 100cc에 소바용소스 한봉지를 희석하여 만든 후 냉장고에 넣어 차갑게 준비해 놓습니다.

2. 끓는 물 800cc(4컵)에 소바면 1인분(120g)을 넣고 약 3~4분 정도 삶습니다.

3. 삶아진 소바면을 냉수에 한두 번 행구어 재반에 건져냅니다.

4. 준비해 놓은 소바용소스에 소바면을 넣어 드시거나 적셔 드십시오. (식성에 따라 소바용 소스에 잘게 썰은 파, 무즙, 고추냉이, 얼음 등을 감께 넣어 드시면 더욱 맛있는 소바가 됩니다.)

원재료: 밀가루, 메밀 30%, 정제염, 옥수수전분
*소바소스: 혼합간장(탈지대두, 액상과당, 천일염, 소맥, 효소처리스테비아), 정제수, 백설탕, 청주, 물엿, 액상과당, 정제소금, 다시마엑기스, 가쓰오부시, 핀크스우동쓰유-WI, 에치에이피, 양조간장, 덱스트린,카라멜색소, 비타민B1 라우릴황산염 (밀, 메밀, 우유, 대두, 함유)

내용량: 600g

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